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Organic Tea: Fire Starter Tea by Mindful Foods
Organic Tea: Fire Starter Tea by Mindful Foods

Organic Tea: Fire Starter Tea by Mindful Foods



This morning blend has been especially created to energise your brain & body! It is a perfect start to the day, in lieu of coffee, or just as awesome to drink before an important meeting – designed to get that fire in your belly ignited!

We love this green tea blend because of the unexpected depth of chai spices and undertones of chilli - speciality herbs such as rhodiola, schisandra - natural adaptogens, meaning they help your body to adapt to stress and barberry used in traditional medicine as an antioxidant.  

Whether you drink it hot or cooled, we like to brew up extra to store in the fridge. It is perfect served over ice on a hot Northern Rivers summer’s day, with a twist of lemon/lime or slice of fresh orange!

Correct preparation of green tea is essential so here are our instructions


(For one person)

It is important that you do not pour boiling water directly onto the tea leaves – instead,
scoop a teaspoon into enough hot water for a cup & allow the flavours to release by brewing for 3-5 mins


Oolong green tea* ginger* rhodiola* barberry* barberry bark* schisandra* cinnamon*
Star anise* jasmine* (a hint of) chilli*
*= Certified organic ingredient


Our Fire Starter Tea contains naturally occurring caffeine from the green tea to get your day going!  However, if you need to hold long conversations deep into the night, Tummy Tea is a good choice…