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    1. Are all your products certified organic?

    Most, but not all!  When you browse the products, you will see that all Mindful Foods & Olive Gap Organic Farm products are certified organic. 


    1. Why does it take a bit longer sometimes for my parcel of goodies to arrive?

    We are based in a regional area of Australia called Northern Rivers so some of our farmers and artisans are in slightly remote parts.  This slows down the shipping at times.  Coupled with the high activity in online shopping & deliveries due to Covid-19, shipping can take longer than normal.  Although these factors are out of our hands, we are sorry you have to wait a bit longer – but it’s worth it!


    1. Are all your products from the region of Northern Rivers, Australia?

    Our goal is to support our local farmers & artisans and to appreciate the time and effort spent in crafting each beautiful product for you to taste or to use. 

    Our Manuka Honey comes from the single source of beekeepers, bees & manuka flowers in Northern Rivers, as do our tea tree oil from the native tea tree plants grown in the area.

    Our macadamia nut oil is sourced from the Northern Rivers as well.  Our Mindful Foods artisans are based here & source as many of their produce (like their nuts) from the region.  However, their complex recipes of spices and herbs are actually sourced from outside the area e.g. the hemp seeds from our organic farms of Tasmania.

    We have decided also to include the Stardust range of Organic Nutrient Powders - because of their intense health benefits & because they look & taste beautiful!  We just couldn't resist...  Our Mindful Food artisans have created these gorgeous powders here in Northern Rivers, but have sourced these organic ingredients from overseas provenances. 

    Our goal remains to promote & collaborate with local farmers & artisans - people passionate about their craft, the land & environment.


    1. Is your packaging recyclable?

    While we would love to say absolutely 100%, there are parts of the packaging for some brands that are not. Most of our artisans have chosen glass or plant-based bio-bags for packaging.  They also allow for you to buy in bulk to refill your bottles & jars to save on wastage. Our manuka honey artisan has aimed to produce quality affordable medical honey and to keep the costs down for you is currently using the plastic jars instead of glass. These jars are to the highest safety standards for food storage, and are of course recyclable.


    1. How do I learn more about these amazing products & the producers?

    Each week, we aim to release insights, interviews, tips & anything we think would be helpful to our Naturally Northern Rivers Australia tribe of followers.  We welcome any suggestions on topics or insights to help other followers appreciate our beautiful community & region.


    1. We love your concept to bring specialty local artisans together under the one brand. Why don’t you have more?

    LOL!  We are growing our brand partner tribe slowly & hand selecting those who we feel will complement and uplift our current artisans.  If you subscribe to Naturally Northern Rivers Australia, we will advise you of new additions to our family!


    1. Please reach out via our contact us page with any other Qs you may have.