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Naturally Aromatic Bitters
Naturally Aromatic Bitters
Naturally Aromatic Bitters

Naturally Aromatic Bitters


Bitter-sweet, Naturally 

Natural Twist on a Quintessential Australian Drink - and other Cocktail & Mocktail Favourites

Our beautiful artisans Genna & Katrina have poured their hearts & souls into creating this little bottle of aromatic Bitters.

Using traditional methods, they crafted a botanical cocktail tincture, perfect for matching with the incredible array of premium botanical spirits of choice.  The result is a truly delicious, not sweet addition to nonalcoholic drinks - bringing depth and sophistication to the flavour.

The bitters are made like a herbal medicinal tincture, inspired by 18th century apothecaries and traditional herbalists - using organic, homegrown or ethically foraged herbs, roots and fruits.

The twist to the traditional bitters tincture is, instead of selecting herbs for their healing properties alone, our Pyewackets Traditional  have curated Aromatic Bitters around flavour.  Medicine transforms to pleasure!

Our cocktail bitters contain no flavourings, colours or sugar. Simply plants. They are slow infused in small batches at our artisan's kitchen in Lismore, Northern NSW, Australia. 

These delicious Aromatic Bitters replace the commercial bitters in a Lemon, Lime & Bitters, a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned. Where traditional recipes call for a dash - use 10 drops of our Pyewackets Traditional Aromatic Bitters. 

Add 20 drops to a 200ml glass of bubbly or still water for a refreshing nonalcoholic* herbal digestive. Alternatively, add a shot of your favourite vodka or gin for a sugar free cocktail.  

Sugar free. Bitter and delicious. Just like grandma used to have!

* Our bitters are made using traditional methods - steeped at length in organic alcohol - so they emerge at 45% abv. We suggest using 0.5ml to 1ml in your drinks (one sixtieth to one thirtieth of a standard drink) BUT if you’re allergic to alcohol, or just curious - yes, bitters contain alcohol.

** Whilst some bitters do contain sugar or sweeteners, ours does not.