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Essential Travel Care Pack
Essential Travel Care Pack
Essential Travel Care Pack
Essential Travel Care Pack

Essential Travel Care Pack



These are the our chosen ABSOLUTE ESSENTIALS for travel - everything from cold sores & sore throats to minor cuts and wounds, skin inflammation and eczema to athletes foot and any fungal infections.

1 x 50ml Australia's Manuka Antibacterial Honey for Oral Care

1 x 15ml Certified Organic 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil 

We swear by our Australian-Medicine-cabinet-in-a-bottle & tube! Perfect as your essential travel care pack, these are the ultimate provenance products of the Northern Rivers region.  With anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties – organically grown, locally sourced from the Northern Rivers NSW & hand-crafted for your health & well-being when travelling.

Good for our Earth

Our Certified Organic 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is grown on our bio-diverse farm (so no pesticides used), harvested & distilled by us in small batches and we use traditional wood-fired distillation methods – making it the best choice for you and the earth!

Olive Gap Organic farmers are our eco warriors ensuring your anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial needs are bottled to fight on your behalf! 

Essential for our Eco-system

Our beekeepers at Tyagarah Apiaries are passionate about their bees - nurturing them, ensuring they are kept safe from pests and viruses, locating them to the essential florals that will boost up their strength to make Australia's Manuka Honey with scientifically tested & proven high bioactivity.  For your oral care, this high-grade 100% pure Australian Leptospermum honey is your best friend for mouth ulcers, cold sores, sore throats as well as topical minor cuts and wounds when you travel.

Cold extracted and processes differently to table honey to help preserve its therapeutic antibacterial properties and active enzymes, we recommend you follow the instructions on the pack when dressing wounds.

Warning:  Contains natural sugars, may contain pollen that can cause severe allergic reactions.  Not suitable for infants under the age of twelve months.  If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional.