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Dynamic Duo Travel Care Pack
Dynamic Duo Travel Care Pack
Dynamic Duo Travel Care Pack

Dynamic Duo Travel Care Pack



These are the two "must-haves" whenever our NNRA tribe travel - especially when you have to spend hours in the dehydrating confines of a plane...

A beautiful certified organic tea tree essential oil spritzer to hydrate your skin - its antibacterial properties come from the tea tree plant, native to the Northern Rivers Australia.  Couple this with the Macadamia Hand & Body Lotion with Manuka honey and orange scent, you are set!

1 x 75ml Avilla Farm Macadamia Hand + Body Lotion

1 x 100ml Certified Organic 100% Pure Tea Tree Hydrosol Spritzer

Each item is your best friend, perfect as your go-to travel care pack, ensuring your skin is nourished & moisturised, ready to enjoy your holiday with glowing skin when you arrive at your destination!  Naturally protecting you from stress of mind & body with a combination of luxurious provenance ingredients, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal properties – organically grown, locally sourced from the Northern Rivers NSW & hand-crafted for your health & well-being when travelling.

How to Use:


Hydrosol contains similar therapeutic properties to the pure essential oil, in a ready-to-use water soluble form.

* Use directly as a facial toner

* Deodorising spritz

* All purpose antibacterial face, hair and body spray

Good for our Earth

Our Certified Organic 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is grown on our bio-diverse farm (so no pesticides used), harvested & distilled by us in small batches and we use traditional wood-fired distillation methods – making it the best choice for you and the earth!

Olive Gap Organic farmers are our eco warriors ensuring your anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial needs are bottled to fight on your behalf! 

Avilla Farm Macadamia Hand + Body Lotion

In an easy to carry 75ml tube - pop it into your handbag (or man bag) - this luscious skincare is a must-have when you travel!

    Made by our local macadamia nut farmers on Avilla Farm in the Northern Rivers in combination with our bees producing manuka honey.  Orange oil inspired by our citrus blooming in abundance.

    For full description of our Certified Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol click here & about our Macadamia Hand + Body Lotion here