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Ernesto Italian Roast
Ernesto Italian Roast
Ernesto Italian Roast

Ernesto Italian Roast



Best kept secret: our locally grown coffee, pesticide-free and nurtured with organic respect for our earth & environment...

Kick-ass sweetest coffee beans with complex flavours guaranteed to set your tastebuds zinging & your attitude singing!

We have a small but boutique cartel of coffee growers in the Northern Rivers region, all passionate about their high quality beans & eager to share the Kaffeine Kulture with our Naturally Northern Rivers Australia tribe of loyal followers.

Introducing our beautiful Zentveld's Estate in the rolling hills of Byron Bay hinterland:

200g Ernesto Roast - bright & sweet (choice for black coffee drinkers)

Simply choose your desired grind size from our drop menu.  

Read on for more notes: 

Ernesto Roast

Pure washed process, practically organic and naturally spray free. Delicious chocolate biscuit notes, very smooth and medium bodied.

Coffee connoisseurs  are constantly surprised at the chocolate flavours in Australian coffee. With mid level acidity, our Ernesto Roast adds brightness in the cup as your tastebuds sing along.

100% Australian grown coffee with 50% from our own Zentveld’s estate.

Why the name? 

It's named in honour of Dr. Ernesto Illy.   The good doctor visited Zentveld's plantation and roasters in 1997, proclaiming:

"This roast produces a perfect espresso – a balance of sweetness, body and acidity."

And he wasn't the only one impressed as the Ernesto was the recipient of 7 medals for espresso – short black and plunger coffee classes in The Sydney Royal Fine Food Show for the 6 years entered, 2002-2008. 

Our beautiful artisans Bec & John have sourced rare Australian beans – from their own Zentveld estate and other local coffee plantations, as available in the hills in our local region of Northern Rivers,  along with our one chosen Qld estate.

Our 200g packets are available in whole bean, plunger/drip ground, or espresso ground for stove top coffee makers.  Remember to choose from the drop down menu your grind of choice!

Yours in Kaffeine Kulture, the Naturally Northern Rivers Team.