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Glass jar with 24carat gold edible flower garnish called Botanical Gold Blush made by Barefoot Farm
Description of ingredients in the 24 carat gold edible flower garnish blush consisting of red rose petals, pink rose petals, calendula, jasmine flowers & edible 24ct gold leaf
Bubbly drink garnished with 24ct gold leaf edible flowers, lime slice and ice with sparkling water in background
24 carat gold leaf flower garnish sprinkled over pecan nut dessert
24carat Gold Leaf Botanical Garnish - Blush

24carat Gold Leaf Botanical Garnish - Blush


Five-star treat: edible flower garnish

Deluxe garnish to any food - an Instagrammer's delight!

Feeling like adding a bit of luxury to your mocktail, cocktail, desserts, smoothies... or just dressing up your salads or dishes like a Michelin-star chef?  We just love these gorgeous 24carat gold leaf botanical garnishes!

The Blush is true to its name with certified organic pink & red rose petals, calendula (also known as marigolds), jasmine flowers & the sparkle of edible 24 carat gold leaf.

Treat yourself with a sprinkle over your smoothie, pre-dinner cocktails or mocktails, use as a stunning garnish on a white plate with your main meal, or as our Barefoot Farm chefs love to do, garnish your delicious pecan pie with farm fresh cream & Botanical Blush.  Designed to impress both the visual & the gastronomical.


Red rose petals*, pink rose petals*, calendula*, jasmine flowers*, 24carat gold leaf

* = certified organic

Made with Australian & imported ingredients.

Lovingly Owned, Grown & Made in Australia!