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Margarita Pyewackets Style

Posted by Lilly Choi-Lee on

We adore this Mango, Lime & Jalapeno Margarita that the Pyewacket team, Jenna & Katrina have concocted just for you.   Fruity, sour and spicy, this shrub is perfect for margarita lovers. 

Salting the glass rim first is entirely optional but we are fans of this classic move - instructions below!

Pop a large ice cube to each margarita glass

35ml tequila or mezcal

35ml Pyewackets Mango, Lime, Jalapeno Shrub

100ml Soda Water or enough to top up glass

Stir.  Garnish with fresh or dried lime

May we suggest you pop on your sombrero & throw back some Chipotle munchies before chillaxing with your tribe!  



How to salt rim your glass:

Lime - cut into quarter - only need a quarter

Kosher salt in a saucer/plate that's bigger that your glass rim

If time, chill your glass/glasses to get that cool effect, otherwise room temperature is fine! 

1.  Cut a notch in middle of flesh of your quartered lime & run it all around the rim of the glass

2.  Dip the "limed" rim into the kosher sauce - I like to waggle it as I like the salt falling into my margarita, but if you don't, hold the glass so rim is angled & roll only the outside of rim around to salt

3.  Prepare the margarita recipe from here!

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