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Natural Treatment for Skin Breakouts

Posted by Lilly Choi-Lee on

When we started Naturally Northern Rivers Australia, our goal was to share beautiful, local artisan grown/made products that were good for your health.  We started with Australia's Manuka Honey because we have been using manuka honey for years - especially to treat mouth ulcers, sore throats (best at least 550 MGO+) & the higher MGO rated honey for wounds as well as consumption.

And it is also perfect to be used for acne, as well as pimples and even for that single blemish glowing like a beacon on the tip of your nose...

In our previous blogs we shared tips on how to use our Olive Gap Farm's organic tea tree oil for skin treatment like pimples.  Highly effective, especially for oily skin as the tea tree oil disinfects the skin via its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.  It also serves to dry out and treat the infected area where the sebum, dead cells and debris (e.g. old makeup) are trapped under the skin, thus effective for those with a tendency to dry skin.

However, for those with normal to dry skin, our tribe of Naturally Northern Rivers followers have given feedback that we felt was too good not to share - Australia's Manuka Honey is equally powerful but more gentle for those sensitive skin types, due to the moist environment it provides for the anti-bacterial properties to take effect on the pimple. 

The beauty of our MGO850+ Australia's Manuka Honey is that it has been scientifically tested at independent laboratories and proven to be effective as it contains hydrogen peroxide and compounds like methylglyoxal, effective in killing pathogens, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Keeping the skin bacteria-free speeds up the healing process of those nasty skin infections.

 Of course, manuka honey is effective not just on pimples and acne, but on minor wounds like cuts and burns by:

  • inhibiting micro-organism growth 
  • providing a naturally moist environment to encourage wound healing
  • lifting debris & dirt away from the wound
  • minimising scab formation and scarring
  • providing a protective barrier between dressing & wound

Our wound-grade Australia's Manuka Honey is in the perfect size for popping into your hand/man bag and a tiny drop is enough to cover that annoying pimple about to surface...  the secret is "do not touch".  

For those who know the efficacy of our MGO850+ may wish to purchase the 250g jar (great as the all-rounder for sore throats and mouth ulcers too).   Either way - your skin will thank you for it




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