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The Australia’s Manuka Honey Story

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 Our sweetest story yet…

Our happy bees in the pristine forests of Northern Rivers NSW Australia are the true heroes in this very sweet story. They collect the nectar from the Leptospermum species (manuka) flowers and make this powerful honey for you. 

However, to bring to humans the health benefits of manuka honey, we need passionate apiarists (a fancy word for beekeeper). 

Enter our Naturally Northern Rivers family at Australia’s Manuka who carefully harvest the honey, have it independently & scientifically tested for its potency and finally bottle it for your good health and enjoyment! 


It can take up to 24 months of careful monitoring & regular laboratory testing as the honey matures (like fine wine) to bring our top bioactive honey for your health benefit & enjoyment.

Naturally a Family Affair since 1996

Michael Howes is the sweetest man & he truly loves & knows everything about bees!  Michael & his family established the apiaries in the Northern Rivers of New South Wales in 1996 and have been supplying premium medical grade honeys, harvested from their own hives to pharmacies in Australia & other parts of the world, including USA, UK, Germany, and Japan. 

While Michael now oversees the strict quality control of the honey in their factory, his sons, sons-in-law and loyal team of beekeepers are out and about in nature caring for their precious bees.

Every single jar of Australia’s Manuka Honey can be traced back to one of Michael’s own beekeepers from our beautiful region of Northern Rivers.

The entire team at Australia’s Manuka Honey is passionate about giving back to the earth and the community by using sustainable & ethical practices.  Investment into their new production facility means it is 100% solar powered & off the grid. 

Naturally Happy Bees, Naturally Healthy Honey

The Howes care for their bees and harvest Australia’s Manuka honey ethically, naturally and without the use of sugar feeding, antibiotics or veterinary pharmaceuticals.  They respect that the bees are the source of natural health benefits for us and understand true provenance must be preserved.

In other words, they always leave ample honey for their bees to use and don’t boost them up artificially.

Our precious bees are located in the pristine forests of Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia. The beekeepers assist them in following the seasonal flora & pollen throughout the year to strengthen, nourish & keep them happy & healthy.  This keeps the bees in prime shape to gather the powerful nectar from the Manuka flowers annually in October & November and then again in January or February! 

This is a crucial window to harvest manuka honey, but fortunately, the Northern Rivers region is home to five active species of leptospermum flowers for our bees to convert to bioactive honey.

Australia’s Manuka Honey use only cold extraction methods and minimal processing to help preserve the many beneficial health-giving properties of premium quality honey.   Our previous blog explained the difference in nutritional goodness between processed honey and cold extracted honey. Naturally extracted & delivered to you.



Facts about the Naturally Northern Rivers Australia’s Manuka Honey

How can I be assured Australia’s Manuka Honey is active?
Australia’s Manuka Honey is all tested at three independent laboratories & contain the key beneficial compounds essential to bioactive manuka honey:  Methygloxal (MGO), Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and Leptosperin.

The flowering plant Leptospermum scoparium Manuka

Following extensive studies in both New Zealand & Australia, Australia’s Manuka Honey has been proven to contain the essential MGO property, able to inhibit growth of many bacteria & fungi.

What are the key benefits of Australia’s Manuka Honey?

  • High in Antibacterial Activity
  • High in Antioxidants
  • High in Hydrogen Peroxide releasing enzymes
  • High in ULF ™. (The unique Leptospermum Factor Activity)
  • Cold extracted to preserve antimicrobial properties

How does Australia’s Manuka Honey maintain its quality and high standards?

Australia’s Manuka Honey upholds the strictest standards in cold extraction with every gram of honey hygienically packed, sealed at the source to be tamper-proof and offered in a selection of laboratory tested strengths in premium quality food grade packaging. 

Australia’s Manuka Honey is audited annually by certified Australian authorities for compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice & HACCAP principles, and its export license is registered with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry.

Importantly, Michael’s team at Australia’s Manuka Honey cherish their bees and care for them like family.  There is Sweet Love in each jar from Naturally Northern Rivers Australia!

Manuka Honey Famiiy

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