Try us - your tummy, tastebuds and skin will love you for it!

Our Story

 Photo:  Trevor & Lilly celebrating life at Plantation House, Duranbah, a stone's throw from Mt Warning, Wollumbin, (if you look carefully in the background to the left of Trevor's ear.) 

It seems that all our life choices and journeys have led us to this amazing region we now call our home and from the turmoil of a global pandemic has arisen our new baby - Naturally Northern Rivers Australia.

A cry from the hearts of Australians to support their local communities, local producers and local products resonated with our own core values - guiding our search for locally grown and lovingly crafted products borne of the lush soil of the largest volcano caldera in the Southern Hemisphere.  Natural, health & well-being, organic where possible - provenance was key. 

In true spirit, Trevor swapped his corporate suits, shirts and ties for casual shirts, jeans and boots and Lilly exchanged her linen dresses, sparkles & heels for… well… casual shirts, jeans and boots… to journey south from their home to search for beautiful brands that told the stories of their beloved Northern Rivers Australia - from the shires of Tweed Heads, Byron Bay and Ballina to Lismore, Kyogle, Clarence and Richmond Valleys.

What an abundance of stories there are to tell… 

Photo:  courtesy of Northern Rivers NSW Brand - a clear view of Mt Warning / Wollumbin.

Foremost we wish to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we live, the Bundjalung people, and pay our respects to their Elders past, present and future.

In doing so, take you back to where it all began, around 23 million years ago in fact, when the ancient volcano Wollumbin (meaning “cloud catcher” in the language of the Bundjalung people or Mt Warning as named by Captain Cook) erupted and left a legacy footprint of deep valleys, verdant rainforests and lush, loamy soil.  The source of death and the source of life.  How ironic in today’s environment.

Mineral rich, the red earth of Northern Rivers collaborates with the pure rain from our skies; and provides bounty for those who love and work the land.  This is the source of the gorgeous products we offer for your joy and good health.

We have partnered with passionate artisans - farmers, creators and lovers of the region, advocates of sustainable and ethical practices who give back to the environment and back to our communities.  

Try us.  Your skin and tummy will thank you for it.

And when the skies and the borders re-open, we’d love to welcome you to visit and experience first-hand the birthplace of our artisans' inspiration.

Naturally Northern Rivers – truly, provenance of good health; from farm to face, paddock to plate.  

Drop us a line - we'd love to hear from you!

PS.  For those colleagues who know us as TravConsult, we continue to support our clients and partners in navigating a new world for aviation, tourism & retail.  Naturally Northern Rivers Australia is the new adventure to complement TravConsult.

To learn more of our life experiences, business background and TravConsult as the forces that have led us to take this exciting journey with Naturally Northern Rivers Australia,  click here