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No Ordinary Day on an Organic Tea Tree Farm

Posted by Lilly Choi-Lee on

Harvest Time

There is a small window of opportunity to harvest the native “melaleuca alternafolia” tea tree plants – at the end of each Australian winter in the month of August.

So, as the northern hemisphere begins to cool down, here down under in Australia, we are beginning to warm up! 

No Ordinary Day 

It is a true family affair & at the end of final harvest, there is no better way to relax than gather by a campfire, create music & share stories of the day.The video below shows our Olive Gap Organic Farm family hard at work harvesting the tea tree, using an old Massey Ferguson 65 tractor & a forage harvester - slower than other commercial farms, but much gentler on the earth. 

Join us on our future posts to watch as we extract the most beautiful, botanical tea tree oil using traditional wood-fired distillation methods & share with you some natural benefits & ways to use our certified organic farm tea tree oil.



harvest time at a tea tree farm

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