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Our Core Values

Our vision is simple – we wish to put our region of Northern Rivers on the map.  So that we are not a region of eclectic places, but a single quiet force to be reckoned with on the world stage.  What we have here is so good, it's worth sharing with like-minded people & communities. 

We know that those holding these core values will want to try our artisan products, love them & want to learn more.  Perhaps they will be curious and interested enough to visit us here one day & feel the positive energy of this place.  We are essentially flipping the tourism model on its head so that we create the brand of our destination through our beautiful products. 

Our core values have been the beacon that have guided us in our search for artisan brand partners.  PROVENANCE.  PASSION.  AUTHENTICITY.  COMMUNITY.



We have hand selected Australian owned & grown products created by passionate craftswomen & men.  We are truly delighted to have discovered the hidden gems, the eco-warriors, custodians of the land, protectors of our pristine environment, lovers of the native flora & fauna that is the ultimate source of life and good health. 


Northern Rivers is provenance to amazing native foods and native plants and flowers that hold nature’s super powers!  From the leptospermum species producing medical-grade bioactive manuka honey to tea tree plants and lemon myrtle, macadamia nuts and Davidson plums to wattleseed and finger limes, just to name a few, the botanicals form the basis of our products within our suite of artisan brands.  For your health & wellbeing; for your joy!


Our heroes are the bees, the trees and flowers in a region blessed with the rich, fertile red soil from Wollumbin (Mt Warning) that erupted 23 million years ago & remained active for 3 million years! 




And the soil is a story in itself. It supports biodiversity and allows our farmers to grow non-native produce like avocados, cumquats and pecans that we all love, enriching our community and adding depth to our suite of offerings. 




We invite you to join us on this journey, we are interested in your stories about the region and your connections to it as well so our social media pages will invite you to share your passion for the region with our Naturally Northern Rivers Australia tribe.


If these core values resonate with your own, check out our beautiful products & partner artisans.