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World Bee Day 2021

Posted by Lilly Choi-Lee on

World Bee Day is to celebrate & raise importance of these mini-giants & mighty pollinators of Mother Nature!

Globally there are over 20,000 species of bees, with 2000 here in Australia...  We all know bees are important - but just how important?

In Australia, most of the food we eat, or the food we feed our farm animals have been touched by the busy bee pollinating at some stage.  However pests and diseases along with our modern living, farming practices and other reasons, are all threatening the bees' natural habitat.  

Certain plants can only be pollinated by their specialist bee, but should this species of bee decline, these plants will also decline in numbers and our biodiversity will be impacted.

This biodiversity is vitally linked to the greater ecosystem to regulate our climate, ensure our water and air is clean and essential to recycle nutrients in our soil.  

Small but mighty - that seems to be the catch cry of our eco-warriors from bees to macadamia nuts and tea tree oil.   

May 20 has been allocated as World Bee Day & you can do your bit by joining an event in your area at an apiary, check out where you can register to join the Global Waggle Dance...  check it out!  Regardless, thanks for reading, and if you are not already, bee- more aware of the importance of bees!


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