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DIY Certified Organic Mould Spray

Posted by Lilly Choi-Lee on

La Niña has ended for now... but left behind a lot of mould in its wake.

There are some specialty commercial mould removers on the market but they contain bleaches and chlorine, which when used improperly, can be hazardous.

The following is a solution using Australia's own medicine cabinet in a bottle - certified organic tea tree oil with its antimicrobial and antifungal properties, gentle on your bathroom, shower surfaces and health, but tough on mould! 

To really allow the tea tree oil to work its magic, you'll need to attack the mouldy areas and let it sit overnight.

What you'll need:

1 teaspoon Certified Organic Tea Tree by Olive Gap Farm

1 cup cooled boiled water or filtered water

Glass trigger spray bottle

White Vinegar

Microfibre cloth

What to do:

Mix certified organic tea tree essential oil and filtered/boiled water into the glass trigger bottle.  Put the lid on tightly & shake vigorously to mix well.

Spray on affected areas & leave overnight.

By the next morning, the mould should have died, dip the microfibre cloth in the vinegar & scrub remnants of mould away until clean!  Areas of grout may benefit from a scrub with an old toothbrush before rinsing.

Make sure you wash the cloth in boiling hot water to prevent mould from spreading or dispose of the cloth.

Remember to clear the nozzle after each use by removing it, spray out excess solution before replacing back onto bottle.

We love glass because it won't leach chemicals into the contents - plastics can do that if you store the solution.  This tea tree solution can be stored for around 6 months without losing its potency.

Tea tree oil in its pure form and stored in a cool, dark place and cared for by keeping the bottle airtight will last 2 - 3 years without losing efficacy.

Enjoy Australia's medicine cabinet in a bottle!

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