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Naturally My Valentine Pack
Naturally My Valentine Pack
Naturally My Valentine Pack

Naturally My Valentine Pack



This special Valentines Day, gift your loved one with breakfast in bed:

1 x 450g Eros Granola for love & vitality
1 x 400g Activated Organic Chocolate Clusters 


Firstly the Eros Granola...

This blend was naturally struck with Cupid’s quiver of arrows!  Perfect for self-love… or sharing with your significant other…

Savour the blissful blend from the first mouthful to the last – you won’t want it to stop!  Eros Granola is an elegant, fruity creation of cranberries & pomegranate. You’ll detect hints of white chocolate from the sneaky inclusion of creamy cacao butter & velvety vanilla.

Pomegranate & ginger encourage a flow of love-inducing hormones, while gingkgo increases blood flow to the important love parts of the body! Maca root boosts the dopamine & sensuality dominates with damiana, vanilla & rose.  All created to enjoy for breakfast in bed!

Our nuts & seeds are soaked overnight in our kombucha cultured solution in order to ‘activate’ latent nutrients & make them ready for your tummy to digest!

Serving suggestions
  • Directly out of the jar into your loved one’s mouth (or your own)!
  • In a bowl with your favourite liquid, be it be nut, bean or straight from the cow's...
  • As a colourful trail around your special after-dinner dessert... Amore!

Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat*, pepitas*, pecans*), coconut chips*, cranberries* (sweetened with apple juice*), golden linseed*, puffed buckwheat*, brown rice malt syrup*, cacao butter*, raw macadamias, pomegranate extract*, ginger*, red rose petals*, ginger*, cinnamon*, beetroot*, damiana*, shatavari*, ginkgo*, vanilla extract

*= Certified Organic

Contains nuts. May contain traces of other nuts & shells

Organic Chocolate Clusters

Best ever clusters of Vegan yumminess – secret ingredient Australian Native Davidson Plum: Original Bush Tucker in the Northern Rivers

Forget putting your hand in the cookie jar when you have a snack attack!  Reach for these irresistible clusters of organic and activated nuts, seeds, coconut, berries and vegan chocolate – a super healthy option when your sugar level drops.

Our clusters have the super ingredient of the Australian native Davidson Plum - an antioxidant powerhouse, containing high levels of anthocyanin, thought to improve cognitive function & protect against certain cancers and heart disease. And we have lovingly packaged them in our resealable plant-based compostable bag for our environment.

How to munch
  • Straight out of the bag & into your mouth
  • Smoothie bowl toppers
  • Breakfast clusters (we dare you)

Activated nuts & seeds (walnuts*, buckwheat*, pecans, pepitas*), activated nut butter (almonds*, brazil nuts*, cashews*, hazelnuts*, pecans*, walnuts*) raw macadamias*, maple syrup*, cacao liquor*, puffed sorghum*, dates*, coconut*, gluten friendly uncontaminated oats, raspberries*, cherries*, Davidson plum*, cacao powder*, cinnamon*, ginger*, cacao nibs*, cinnamon*, vanilla*, nutmeg*, rock salt*

*= Certified Organic

Contains nuts & sesame. May contain traces of other nuts & shells

Cacao hit with a difference!