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Surf Balm for Fin & Coral Cuts
Surf Balm for Fin & Coral Cuts
Surf Balm for Fin & Coral Cuts

Surf Balm for Fin & Coral Cuts


When you don't make it out of the barrel...

... and you hit the bottom - coral, sand, rock... fin chop perhaps...

Or even worse (!) you're on the motorbike on your way to secret surf spot & you stack it... 

Australia's Manuka Honey Surf Balm is your best friend - especially if going away on surf trips, or even to have handy with your surf gear.  Easy to carry, just pack with your carry-on luggage, it passes the PLAGs (powders, liquid, aerosol & gels) at airport security checks in the 50g tube.

Antibacterial honey direct from the beehives of Tyagarah in the pristine coastal forests of the Northern Rivers Australia.  

Indications for use:

Antiseptic for minor burns, cuts and abrasions.  Perfect for fin & coral cuts as well as motorbike burns etc ...

- Antibacterial for minor burns & wounds
- Promotes healing of facial cold sores
- Supports skin regeneration
- Analgesic/relieves pain
- Antimicrobial for minor cuts & abrasions
- Supports wound healing

Scientifically tested in independent laboratories, this bioactive honey is also ideal as:
  • The ideal complement to your First Aid Kit or Medicine Cabinet
  • Treatment of minor wounds and scratches
  • Oral care treatment of mouth ulcers
Made by the Northern Rivers bees in conjunction with the leptospermum species of flowers native to this beautiful region.  

More facts:

  • NPA 20+ (850+MGO) medical honey product accelerates healing of minor wounds, scratches, and burns
  • Potent antibacterial first aid product tested at independent laboratories for accurate MGO rating
  • Cold-extracted which means all beneficial enzymes preserved
  • Bees are truly happy as leave plenty for them - no sugar feeding - ethical practices
  • We harvest during the flowering of our Leptospermum plants in a narrow window - three to four weeks each year 

Not suitable for infants under the age of twelve months. Immediate treatment of burns should be rapid application of cold water for ten minutes.  Only to be used for minor burns after initial first aid treatment, medical advice should be sought for serious burns. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. Contains sugars. May contain pollen that can cause severe allergic reactions.  A tiny test patch on your skin is recommended.

Product of Australia

Store below 30 degrees celcius.