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Protein & Immuni-Tea Pack Gift Hamper

Protein & Immuni-Tea Pack Gift Hamper


Protein snacks so more-ish you may devour in the first sitting!  

Hands down, our Maple Munchies are the ultimate in irresistibilitiness (is that even a word?!) The maple cinnamon nuts are the perfect mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up when you are craving for something with a hint of sweetness and flavour.  The Australian salted macadamias are... salted macadamias - but freshly gathered with low food miles!

The Immuni-Tea has all those strengtheners that do the heavy lifting to boost your best self - elderberry, reishi, astragalus, olive leaf, fennel, ginger and more! 

Triple lime divine marmalade is beyond delicious-ness... and all made in the Northern Rivers Australia with copious doses of love and passion.

1 x 200g Wattle Tree Creek Triple Lime Marmalade

1 x 80g Wattle Tree Creek Salted Macadamia Nuts

1 x 200g Wild lime, Orange & Whisky Marmalade by Wattle Tree Creek

1 x 55g Mindful Food Organic herbal Immuni-tea 

We always curate our faves in such collections but regardless of the combinations, they are all made by our local artisans with love & passion:)