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Online Tutorial Zimmi's Random Weave Basket
Online Tutorial Zimmi's Random Weave Basket

Online Tutorial Zimmi's Random Weave Basket


Random Weave Tutorial at your own Pace

Create a stunning Random Weave Basket at your own pace via this online tutorial. Zimmi will personally step you through from beginning to end;  your kit with online code, materials & instructions will be sent to you once you purchase.

Zimmi is renowned in her field of basketry with 25 years of experience & in-depth knowledge, so she is able to share tips to make this as enjoyable & simple as possible. 

Whether you have crafted baskets before or this is your very first time, Zimmi has an engaging teaching style, breaking down the weaving process into easy stages & explaining techniques from different angles.


As basketry has indigenous beginnings, Zimmi will share with you her own story, along with some personal, historical & ethical values that has shaped her journey.

We use the Northern Rivers locally sourced Bangalow Palm as it is abundant, stunning in final form and easy to work with. No two baskets will be the same as it has been shaped from its unique plant & craftsman source, with your own hands, passion & skill.

Our tribe of passionate followers will often order more than one bundle of fibre at any stage as they make fabulous gifts, is a sure way to hone your skills when you make a few in succession.

Please note that the Black bundles are limited in numbers because Zimmi boils the fibre & dyes them (effectively enabling you to send overseas if you wish).  The light brown bundles are natural fibres, completely unprocessed & should you wish to order outside of Australia, we will need to check the customs & quarantine laws of entry.)

Click here to purchase material to make extra baskets: inflorescence bundle – Natural Fibre: $40 or Black fibre: $50 per bundle