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Glass jar clear to show golden granola contents with label describing organic & activated golden granola. Some ingredients displayed on label are turmeric, macadamia, buckwheat, lemon myrtle, safflower and more. It is made by Mindful Foods and is wheat free & vegan
Artisan Organic Golden Granola by Mindful Foods
Artisan Organic Golden Granola by Mindful Foods
Person holding coconut shell bowl and spoon with golden granola topped with yoghurt and berries
Glass Jar of Organic & Activated Golden Granola in the garden next to wooden bowl with chocolate clusters made with golden granola

Artisan Organic Golden Granola by Mindful Foods




Listen to your body & it will tell you what it needs! Our Golden Granola is our unsung hero! 

Our bodies will naturally rebuild & restore to its natural balance with the correct blend of nourishing foods.  Our golden granola blend has been carefully crafted to enable this as you can taste the chai spices & lemon myrtle with each mouthful – chock full of phytonutrients - natural antioxidants & anti-inflammatories. 

Healthy fats, carbohydrates & protein provide for long-lasting energy & fibre fuels your tummy’s ecosystem to keep your gut regular.

Our nuts & seeds are soaked overnight in our kombucha cultured solution in order to ‘activate’ latent nutrients & make them ready for your tummy to digest!

Serving suggestions

  • Directly out of the jar into your mouth!
  • In a bowl with your favourite liquid, be it be nut, bean or straight from the cow’s
  • In a salad of fresh greens from the garden
  • Use as a delicious alternative crumble on apple or apricot pie… Hmmm


Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat*, sunflower seeds^, pepitas*, almonds*, pecans*), coconut chips*, oats*, raw macadamias, brown rice malt syrup*, turmeric*, vanilla extract*, lemon powder*, cloves*, lemon myrtle*, safflower^, star anise*, pepper*

*= Certified Organic, ^= Australian Insecticide-Free

Contains nuts. May contain traces of other nuts & shells