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450g Glass jar with showing cacao brain power granola contents and label describing ingredients of macadamias, coconut, ginger, pecans, nutmeg, brahmi and more. Also gluten free & paleo suited as a granola, for smoothies, topper or snack. Made by Mindful Foods
Wooden Bowl of porridge with cacao brain power, fresh figs, pecan nuts and others, fresh berries. Half filled glass jar of cacao brain power next to small jar of mequite powder.  Wooden spoon to left of bowl.
200g compostable bio-bag of cacao brain power granola with ingredients shown macadamia, coconut, ginger, pecan, nutmeg, brahmi & more.  The packaging is made from plant materials with no plastic used, highlights zero waste on packet
450g glass jar of cacao brain power granola lying next to 200g cacao brain power granola in compostable bio-bag.
3 glass jars of Mindful Foods granolas displayed on table - organic & activated cacao brain power, Eros Love & Vitality and the Birchia paleo prebiotic granola.  Blueberries and kiwi fruit in bowls in the foreground
Person's hands holding 450g glass jar of Organic & Activated Cacao Brain Power showing ingredients of macadamia, coconut, ginger, pecan, nutmeg, brahmi & more.

Artisan Organic Granola - Cacao Brain Power by Mindful Foods




Naturally Northern Rivers presents the ultimate in decadence with all the yumminess & brain power benefits of organic cacao guilt-free!

Did you know cacao is a natural stress-reliever?

Kick-start your brain & body with the instant energy of coconut oil, hone your mind & memory with ginger’s neuroprotective family of nutrients.  Your endorphins (and energy) will flow freely from cacao, while maca & ginger will boost your dopamine & serotonin. This combination of energising plant compounds assists your short-term concentration & importantly, long-term well-being. 

Our nuts & seeds are soaked overnight in our kombucha cultured solution in order to ‘activate’ latent nutrients & make them ready for your tummy to digest!

Serving suggestions

  • Directly out of the jar into your mouth!
  • In a bowl with your favourite liquid, be it be nut, bean or straight from the cow’s
  • On top of your acai bowl, yoghurt or in your smoothie
  • Sprinkled over any dessert – our favourite being anything chocolate & creamy!


Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat* Australian insecticide free sunflower seeds, pepitas* almonds* pecans*) coconut chips* macadamia honey raw macadamias* psyllium husk* cacao nibs* cacao powder* ginger* cinnamon* mesquite* maca* nutmeg* vanilla bean* gingko* gotu kola* brahmi* tulsi*

*= Certified Organic

Contains nuts. May contain traces of other nuts & shells