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Organic & Activated Birchia Paleo Prebiotic in 500g glass jar showing contents.  Label has ingredients of quinoa, chia, coconut, linseed, macadamias, buckwheat & more.  Can be used to DIY Chia pod, bircher and porridge.  Label states granola is gluten free & vegan
Organic & activated birchia paleo prebiotic granola in 200g compostable bio-bag.  Label has ingredients of quinoa, chia, coconut, linseed, macadamia, cranberry & more.  It is grain free bircher & good for porridge.
Glass jar of Birchia Paleo & Prebiotic granola showing the contents.  Jar is on a log with green foliage in background.  Wooden spoon on the top of the jar.
Bowl of porridge made from Birchia paleo & cacao brain power with edible flower garnish
Woman smiling and holding 500g glass jar of Birchia Paleo Prebiotic granola

Artisan Organic Granola: Birchia Paleo Pre-biotic Granola by Mindful Foods


NATURALLY GRAIN-FREE:  The Super Heathy Granola


Your tummy will ADORE this!

For those who want the paleo pre-biotic natural start to each day, our Birchia creation is packed full of scrumptious health benefits for a high-fibre boost to your all-important gut bacteria.

Serving suggestion

Long soak to activate your gut flora…

For one serve:

Mix 1/4 cup Birchia with 1/3 cup of your favourite type of milk/juice. Cover & leave in fridge overnight (or at least 15 mins), add a probiotic capsule or dab of yoghurt & allow to infuse to encourage your good gut flora to celebrate!

Its warming in winter served hot, but whatever serving temperature, make sure you complete the balance with your favourite fruit (we love poached pears or granny smith apple), drizzle from our Naturally Northern Rivers Australia’s Manuka Honey, and yoghurt! For a wholesome liquid meal on the go, add generously to your smoothies.

Our nuts & seeds are soaked overnight in our kombucha cultured solution in order to ‘activate’ latent nutrients & make them ready for your tummy to digest!


Activated nuts & seeds (buckwheat*, almonds*, pepitas*, pecans*), rolled white quinoa*, black chia seed*, cranberries*(sweetened with apple juice^), coconut chips*, golden linseed*, raw macadamias*, ginger*, cinnamon*, nutmeg*, maca powder*

* = Certified Organic, ^ = Australian Insecticide-Free

Contains nuts. May contain traces of other nuts & shells