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Mac liqueur, Brookie's Bryon Slow gin made from Davidson Plum, Brookies Byron Bay dry gin Organic & Activated Chipotle Munchies, and Korean BBQ munchies - both in glass jars.  Products displayed on a wooden stump.
Father's Day Byron Bay Vibes Gift Hamper
Father's Day Byron Bay Vibes Gift Hamper
Father's Day Byron Bay Vibes Gift Hamper
A bottle of Brookie's Mac liqueur with a glass and ice with liqueur in it.  Another glass lying at the top of the photo with a bottle with amber liquid lying next to it.  Some macadamia nuts and shells next to the liqueur.
200ml bottle of Brookie's Byron Dry Gin on a white table with green leaf next to it.
200ml bottle of Brookie's Slow Gin with some Davidson Plums around it on a white round  table.
Handwoven baskets made from natural fibre Bangalow Palm with no handles, decorated with shells and natural beads.
Naturally woven basket made from Bangalow Palm with a wooden handle.

Father's Day Byron Bay Vibes Gift Hamper


Laid back vibes of award winning Byron gin, macadamia liqueur & irresistible kombucha activated munchies ...

For the dad who loves good gin with Australian native rainforest botanicals, liqueur from Northern Rivers Australian Macadamia Nut farms, handcrafted with passion by artisans at Cape Byron Distillery... a celebration of true provenance!

1 x 200g Organic & Activated Korean BBQ Munchies by Mindful Foods

1 x 200g Organic & Activated Chipotle Munchies by Mindful Foods (will be replaced with Teriyaki Munchies)

1 x 200ml Brookies Byron Dry Gin (or 1 x 200ml Stoken Classic Gin)

1 x 200ml Brookies Byron Slow Gin

1 x 200ml Mac.

Personal Note & Gift Wrapping

Option to include Zimmi Forest Artisan woven basket

** CAUTION:  Unfortunately, some countries may not allow us to send Zimmi's baskets to you due to biosecurity laws - we are happy to research on your behalf if you email us directly**

Celebrate any occasion - or just celebrate Life! We have curated a gift hamper with the most delicious combination of our Byron gin and liqueur from the Cape Byron Distillery, perched in the heart of pristine rainforest and macadamia nut trees in the Byron Bay hinterland. Perfect for those who wish to taste pure gin, infused with botanicals plucked directly from our distillery's surrounding rainforest and indulge in a liqueur showcasing premium macadamia nuts from Byron Bay, Australia with native wattleseed - perfect choice to gift to the dad who loves handcrafted munchies & spirits.

Brookie's Bryon Dry Gin:

  • 25 botanicals, 17 indigenous to the Northern Rivers, including Byron sunrise finger limes, aniseed myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, macadamia, native ginger, native raspberries & many more...
  • Pure Mt Warning Spring Water
  • 45%ABV
  • 30ml in a highball glass topped with ice, garnish with rosemary or our 24 carat Gold Leaf Botanicals
  • Support the Big Scrub land care foundation with every purchase of this gold medal dry gin!

Brookie's Bryon Slow Gin:

  • Infusing indigenous Davidson Plums for over 9 months - packed with vitamins & minerals, it adds a sensation twist to the normal "sloe" berries
  • Traditional English "sloe" gin crafted
  • Blended with Pure Mt Warning Spring Water
  • 26% ABV
  • Savour flavours of rose, watermelon and bright plum
  • Best over ice to enjoy the complexities of ingredients
  • Globally recognised as a gold class gin at the World Gin Awards

Mac. by Brookie's:

  • Yum! 
  • A celebration of Australian indigenous Bush tucker - our heroes are Roasted macadamia nuts, shells and the "bush coffee", wattleseed
  • 100% natural - uniquely, no added artificial colours or flavours
  • Mixes with light and dark spirits, in cocktails, coffees & dessers
  • (We like it pure, over ice)

Throw a handful of Korean BBQ Munchies to add some heat to your G&T, get ready to do the Gangnam dance or perhaps a bit of La Cucaracha with the tasty Chipotle Munchies ... these are all-time favourites with any spirited drink!

For full description of our irresistible Korean BBQ Munchies click here & about our Chipotle Munchies here.