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A gift hamper idea with organic Cacao Brain Food Granola in a 450g glass jar, Maple Munchies snacks, Zentvelds Byron Blend coffee, Chocolate Clusters with native Davidson plum in a compostable bag and Zendtveld's Chocolate Espressobeans
Father's Day Choc 'n Byron Blend Coffee Gift Hamper
Father's Day Choc 'n Byron Blend Coffee Gift Hamper
Box of Byron Blend Coffee 100% Australian grown whole beans by Zentveld's in the hills behind Byron Bay.  200g box with caricature of surfer on surfboard drinking cup of coffee
Bowl of ice cream topped with Maple nuts with glass jar of Organic Maple Munchies next to it
Cup of coffee in office setting next to milk, dark and white chocolate covered coffee beans

Father's Day Choc 'n Byron Blend Coffee Gift Hamper


Father's Day Gift for dads who love chocolate & coffee - organic clusters of cacao yumminess & locally grown & roasted coffee here in the Northern Rivers!

We've curated a delicious array of goodies for chocolate & caffeine lovers:

1 x 200g Zentveld's Byron Bay Blend Coffee

1 x 400g Mindful Foods Cacao Brain Power Granola

1 x 150g Dark Chocolate Beans

1 x 200g Bio-bag Chocolate Clusters with Davidson Plum

Happy Father's Day - for the caffeine loving Dad, a very cool collaboration featuring  local artisans. We adore our artisan products, but we love our farmers even more as they only take what is needed and give back in truckloads to the earth and community, for a sustainable future!

Check out our Zentveld's coffee estate & Mindful Foods pages to see what else you can add to your order!