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Bottle of Olive Gap Organic Farm Tea Tree Oil next to the cardboard box to put it in. The box has a gold embossed indigenous art design.
Olive Gap Organic Farm 100ml bottle of tea tree oil lying on an orange brown coloured linen cloth.  Some dried tea tree leaves sprinkled next to it.

Certified Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol


Provenance based in the Northern Rivers of NSW Australia

Single Origin: Olive Gap Organic Farm

100ml Pure & Certified Organic Tea Tree Hydrosol

Certified organic, regeneratively farmed & carbon positive. Our pure tea tree hydrosol is grown, harvested, hand distilled and bottled by our passionate young farmers in the Northern Rivers.

Collected drop by drop with traditional method of wood fire steam distillation. This is the cleanest and greenest artisan tea tree hydrosol you can get, no nasties!

Hydrosol contains similar therapeutic properties to the pure essential oil, in a ready to use water soluble form. With a convenient spray cap, uses include a facial toner, deodorising spritz and all purpose antibacterial face, hair and body spray.

Tea tree oil is a gateway to a plastic and chemical free lifestyle with so many benefits for your home, body and the planet! See the benefits of tea tree oil in our product blogs.

Good for our Earth

Our Certified Organic 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil is grown on our bio-diverse farm (so no pesticides used), harvested & distilled by us in small batches and we use traditional wood-fired distillation methods – making it the best choice for you and the earth!


100% Pure Certified Organic Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia) Essential Oil. 

ORIGIN: Bandjalang Country Woodburn, New South Wales, Australia.

Caution: Keep out of reach of Children & not to be ingested. Stop using on the skin immediately if any irritations occur and seek medical advice if needed.