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Celebration Gift Hamper
Handwoven Basket made from Bangalow Palm with a wooden handle.  Hessian wrapping around items in basket with a rolled up note and postcard with Naturally Northern Rivers logo.
Pure essential tea tree oil in a bottle with its box next to it.  Placed on a ceramic tray with tea tree foliage on it.  Place on a wooden table
a 200ml bottle of Stoken XII Apostles classic dry gin next to 2 short glass tumblers and half a lemon
Celebration Gift Hamper
A glass of sparkling effervescent clear liquid, ice, a slice of lime and edible flowers sprinkled on top.
A glass bottle with an eye dropper lid with "Just One Ingredient" written on it, next to a white cardboard box.
Glass jar of Cacao Brain Power Granola with some chocolate slices and a bowl of granola next to it.'
Celebration Gift Hamper
aerial view of a jug of hone next to a bowl of granola with fresh strawberries, bananas, yoghurt and passionfruit with flower garnish.

Celebration Gift Hamper


Ultimate Celebration Gift from the best of each of our artisans!  

All products have been lovingly and painstakingly crafted by hand by our farmers and artisans;  beautiful gift to a loved one as it's power-packed with health & happiness!

1 x 250g Australia's Manuka Honey MGO 100+ 

1 x 200ml Stoken XII Apostles Classic Dry Gin 

5 x 50ml Mini Shrub Sampler by Pyewackets Traditional

1 x Botanical Gold Edible Flower Garnish

1 x 100g Rosemary Garlic Pecans by Barefoot Farm (if out of season will replace with equally delicious Pecan Maple Munchies by Mindful Foods)

1 x 15ml Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil (new packaging - scroll to see pic)

1 x 450g Cacao Brain Power Granola

1 x 30ml Avilla Farm Macadamia Nut Face Oil

1 x 200g Byron Blend Coffee (Expresso Grind)

A true celebration of our Northern Rivers artisans.  Perfect to gift to that special someone who appreciates the fresh, organic flavours of our Australian native botanicals & powerful health benefits of provenance products.

With our Manuka Honey, we have our natural heroes - the bees - converting nectar from the powerful leptospermum flowers into honey that has been scientifically tested and carefully stored by our Australia's Manuka Honey passionate beekeepers until it reaches its full antibacterial potential.

With the XII Apostles Classic Gin, we have traditional gin ingredients of juniper, coriander and cinnamon, blended with native botanicals including lemon myrtle, aniseed myrtle and bunya nut - capturing the distinct taste of the Northern Rivers.

The Pyewackets Traditional Shrubs are hand-made, naturally fermented from locally sourced seasonal fruits - so good for your gut & perfect for the cocktail, mocktail or deliciously refreshing with sparkling water!

Cacao Brain Power granola contains the kombucha activated nuts with all the wonders of cacao, macadamia nuts, cinnamon & much more.

Our certified organic tea tree oil has been lovingly distilled by hand - every precious drop squeezed via heating of a wood-fired oven...  Olive Gap Organic farmers are our eco warriors ensuring your anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial needs are bottled to fight on your behalf! 

Learn more about our other hamper products - 30ml Macadamia Nut Face Oil;  24ct Gold Leaf Botanical garnish & our organic, locally grown Byron Blend Coffee.