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Beat the Blues Pack
250g jar of Australia's Manuka bioactive honey MGO100+
A jug of honey next to bowl of granola with fresh blueberries, strawberries, bananas, yoghurt and passionfruit
15ml glass bottle of certified organic pure essential tea tree oil by Olive Gap Farm next to a white box made of cardboard with indigenous design in gold by local indigenous artist
A glass jar of Stardust Blue Immunity Organic Nutrient Powder with Spirulina, elderberry, ginger and butterfly pea ingredients.  Bottle is lying next to a bowl of fresh blueberries
Label on glass jar describing the ingredients of "Food as Medicine" and how to use the blue powder e.g. for latte, smoothie and as a food dye

Beat the Blues Pack


Boost your body: 3 is the Magic Number in this Combo Pack

Bust those nasty cold & flu blues with this set of health & well-being boosters!

15ml Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil 
250g MGO100+ Australia's Manuka Honey 
100g Blue Spirulina "Immunity" Stardust 

These bottled warriors have the nature's warriors to help you to boost your body's health and well-being.  The activity in the MGO100+ Manuka honey is soothing in a warm lemon & honey drink & certified organic pure tea tree oil is a perfect natural alternative to commercial gargle washes.  Add some blue spirulina powder in warm latte to lift your spirits and boost your health & well-being! 

Tips for use found in our blogs!