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Australia’s Manuka Honey

Our happy bees in the pristine forests of Northern Rivers NSW Australia are the true heroes in this very sweet story. They collect the nectar from the native Leptospermum species (manuka) flowers and make this powerful, anti-bacterial honey for you. 

Michael Howes, his family & Australia’s Manuka Honey team have been custodians of apiaries since 1996, and they harvest the honey ethically, have it independently & scientifically tested for its potency before finally bottling it for your good health and enjoyment! 

Every single jar of Australia’s Manuka Honey can be traced back to one of Michael’s own beekeepers from our beautiful region of Northern Rivers.

And as the source of goodness in the Naturally Northern Rivers Australia story can be traced back to the bees and the flora of our region, our first blog is dedicated to this topic!  Read on…